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Ok so your facebook friends list is starting to grow. You hopefully now have well over 1000 friends all reasonably tied into your interest group or niche. The next thing you need to do is set up a “like” page. Like pages have some advantages and some disadvantages. The major advantage is that they have an unlimited amount of friends where as your personal profile can only go up to 5000.

The next thing you need to do is “Create a page”. You’ll find that in the side menu under pages (this can vary as facebook is always changing things around). Make sure you’ve got a header and a few photo’s and posts like you would for your profile and be sure to find the “Create User Name” option so you can secure a nice looking URL which would allow you to be found in searches and be a lot easier to remember for people looking to find your page.

Now you have to invite friends to your page. This is what will separate your page from the countless others that never get anywhere. You can either “Invite all” this will have reasonable results or if that doesn’t work you will need to invite each contact individually. This is painful but there is an option to send each invite as a message which greatly increases the success rate of what you are doing as the invite goes right into their inbox. You can invite 50 people at a time using this method … I usually aim to do around 200 a day using this method. Again you seem to be able to fly under the radar but you’re still moving forward at a good rate. Within a month you should be able to invite the full 5000 friends on your list using this method. If you’ve selected your friends list well you should be able to get a 5-10% hit rate on your contacts liking your page

This is still painful but a great way to get the ball rolling on a page.

next thing you need to do is start sharing your posts into other groups of similar interest. Like I said If I have a metal band I share it into as many heavy metal groups as I can this can:

  • Increase the number of views on a post or promotion you are undertaking (bear in mind many of these groups can have thousands / tens of thousands of members). Some will need permission to share into the group, others won’t. Again this is old brute force theory where if you share it enough, people WILL see it.
  • Allow other interested parties to in turn like your “like page”. Hopefully a few people will like your content and take an interest in your page.


Now here’s a ninja level trick that has worked some wonders for me. You will find that after you’ve completed inviting all your friends some will keep in touch. What I do here is offer them the chance to swap likes for likes. Ie: I invite all my friends to their page and they do the same for me. You WILL need to explain to them how to do it to avoid the facebook gestapo but generally speaking anyone with a computer should be able to do it. Also if you invite say 200 friends a day to their page and they don’t reciprocate you will know within a day or two. If they do the job right you’ll get a completely fresh audience to both your page and their page.


Some things to consider when doing this:
  • I usually wait AT LEAST two weeks before inviting a round of people to a page. To some degree what you are doing is low level spam. People don’t mind in general but if you do it all the time it would be fair to assume you will start loosing all the contacts you worked hard to build up. There are plenty of motivated people out there who will gladly exchange invites because, lets face it, they need to get somewhere too.
  • If you want to accellearate the process of aquiring fans you can always start a third account, again all you need is a third browser and a third phone number to verifiy the account with.

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