I’m a musician. I love playing and I’ve put a LOT of my own money and time into it. Unfortunately a lot of things have changed in the music world. One of the most important things for me to understand is how to promote my band. Most of it for the bad. I was making more money in the 1990’s playing than I am right now for doing the same shows. But we are also in the middle of a vortex where people don’t have a lot of money and less people are going to shows. However more of them are on the internet, checking out bands thy may or may not have heard of. I’m going to share some secrets that have allowed me to sell a few copies of my latest release, but more importantly spread a lot of brand awareness about my band. It might not make you rich but hopefully you can wrangle up a few sales and generate a serious net presence out of this advice.


On the internet, as with real life, might is right. Facebook is the biggest social media provider and if you can have the biggest list you will have a huge edge over bands in your position just by virtue of huge numbers.

How to promote my band on here?I have my main account, and a couple of “Feeder” accounts. I’m going to show you some “hacks” I’ve been using to build up some friends lists. I have my main account with my real world friends and some people who I don’t really know but they follow the band or are in the industry or whatever. What makes my reach much bigger than the average social media punter is the fact I have 3 accounts with another 7500 friends between them. All of them targeted to the nieche that my band occupies. Its also wise to have other accounts that you can spam without pissing off your friends.

  • First up, download another browser (Firefox, google chrome, opera etc…) on your computer. This could work on a phone but a computer or at least tablet will be much easier to work.
  • Set up another facebook account in your secondary browswer. Use this browser for only this facebook account. Only use your original account in your original browser.
  • Generally speaking you will need to verify your account within a week or two. Go out and buy another cheap phone card. You can usually get these for $2-$5 in my country. You don’t have to put any more credit on this sim card but just use it to get your identification pin sent to you so you can verify
  • Set your account up with a header image and profile photo relevant to what you do (I play in a metal band so I would use heavy metal imagery) Add a couple more pics and some relevant posts so you don’t look obviously like a spam-bot
  • Add yourself to a few choice groups in your chosen field of music.
  • Check out some of the posts and add a few friends from those who have posted in those groups. These will be active facebook users and active in their feild of interest. Some will accept some won’t… It doesn’t matter for now as long as a few accept your requests.
  • Go your friends page on your profile. You’ll see a section that says “Find more friends”. This is the key to building a huge but targeted friends list. Start adding those who would appear to be into the music you are making. With metal bands it’s easy because a lot of the fans are easily identifiable from their profile pics. Add say 20-30 in a day. repeat, repeat and repeat till you hit the magic 5000 friend mark.


  • Facebook will notice you constantly logging in and out of the same browser. That’s why I asked you to use a seperate browser and not intermingle the two. Id say over time there will be some measures brought in to combat this too, so if you’re super inspired try using virtual machines or even seperate computers on individual connections (like your home and cellular internet)
  • As far as I can tell Facebook lets you send 60 friend requests a day. I choose 20-30 so I can fly under the radar so to speak, but If i set myself a target of doing this most days I can do 30 requests at say 11am in the morning, and send out another 30 at 10:30 the next morning without triggering the facebook spam protection features for that 24 hour period.


Anyway, now you’re on your way to a big friends list that is more importantly targeted to your interest group. Be sure to keep checking back here for the next steps in your master plan to take over the world. I might even do some screen captures so you can see it live in action!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article or at least found it informative. Remember to keep checking back on on a regular basis!

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