I heard this phrase “I date within my Jurisdiction” on a facebook thread today. The phrase was used in regards to women who want to date what is knows as a “High Value Men” (rich guys basically). It got me thinking. What do you rate yourself on a scale of 1 – 10? The young lady that said this was basically saying she dates within her socio-economic status as opposed to looking for money in men.

As a male, I don’t consider myself particularly attractive. I’m a little rough around the edges and as far as looks go probably a 6 / 10 at best. I’m around average height and average income. Thats cool, I’m alright with it. But as I get older I think I’ve moved up the rankings a little as I haven’t gone bald, haven’t put on much weight and can still get regular erections. I have no known health issues either. I know from talking to other women this does start to become an issue as men get to my age (I’m currently a little below 50). I’m also well on the way to paying off my place to live, I have a job and no gambling or drug addictions. I do like a beer but other than that no major issues. I’m not amazing by any stretch but I’m doing alright and working towards a reasonable future as well.

My current partner is a 9 / 10 looks wise. And she very frequently reminds me of this. “You’re very lucky to be going with someone like me” is a phrase I hear a lot. And look let’s be fair she is hot. A lot of men would give up their lefty to spend a night with her. She has dated well above me in the past in terms of success and wealth. She can get probably have most men she sets her eyes on. But can she keep them? Attracting a high value man is one thing but can she keep him once they hook up? Her past would indicate not.


A successful man has many options when it comes to women. Don’t get me wrong, looks absolutely count. You’re good looking, but they can always attract good looking women. They can always attract someone else if you don’t have anything beyond good looks. But what makes you as a woman better than his other options? You might have been a hottie in your 20s but in your thirties are you fading? Does any man that meets you now have to take on a tribe of illegitimate children? Your mountains of debt? Your trust issues from failed relationships? What is this High value man getting out of being with you?

If you no job or multiple children to different men, it doesn’t make you a bad person. But the high value man would have to ask himself “Is this woman prone to bad decisions” “Is she in-fact the problem?” It doesn’t mean you are, but he’d be a fool not to ask himself that. Do you have a good job? or any job? If you don’t, he’d be asking “Is this person just going to be a liability for me?” You can bet your bottom dollar as much as you have narrowed down your criteria for a man, they’ll be analysing what you do and why. As much as you think you’re doing that High Value guy a favour he’s also risking a lot by committing to you. Literally he’s betting the house (and other assets too) that by getting involved with you, you’re not going to clean him out financially and use any kids you have with him as weapon. If you don’t come up clean on initial inspection there’s a good chance he won’t take a risk with you, failing that will only keep you around as a trophy until a shinier newer trophy comes along. Do you really think he’s going to leave all his assets open for you to plunder? He’s probably got the majority of it tied up in companies, family trusts etc… so people can’t get their hands on it.

To become successful that guy might have had to give up a lot in his younger days to achieve that. While you partied, hooked up with losers and generally wasted time. Or did you spend your 20s working on yourself, making yourself into a better person or partner prospect? There seems to be a lot of internet traffic generated by women who’ve vastly over-estimated their own net worth based on their looks alone. Do you think that High wealth guy is just going to marry you no questions asked just because you’re hot or can suck a mean one? There’s a lot of girls that can do that and more.


Yeah. You might get lucky, but realistically you probably won’t. How long do you give this quest. Do you give up in your 30s when there are still good men around that might not be rich? Do you keep going in your 40s and realise the only men left over are all gamblers, alcoholics, addicts and abusers? Do you either then settle for what’s left over in the dating pool or not partner up at all and miss your chance of a family, kids and someone to grow old with.

Here’s another option for the girls out there hoping to land Hi Value men. Be a high value woman. Be attractive, that’s great. Also be loyal, caring and supportive. Be honest with him. Be the person he can trust, the person he can spend the rest of his life with. Become that person instead of the self entitled scum I see on social media whinging about why they can’t find a good man. Those women probably did find a good man, they probably found a few of them, but they didn’t appreciate them at the time because they weren’t wealthy.

You might be able to manipulate your way into a high value man’s bedroom. But unless the guys an idiot or an asshole, you’re not going to stay there long enough before what you do becomes quite obvious. Your man probably didn’t become wealthy by being a dumbass. He can probably see through your shit, or he will once your issues start coming to the surface. Or maybe he is an asshole too and will discard you once your looks fade and he decides to upgrade to a newer model.

Anyway thats about all from me this week. Enjoy your week and keep checking back on The Antisocial Network on a regular basis!

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