We’ve all read articles on the illuminati. Are the Illuminati real or more akin to folklore? This article is more my opinion on the matter. It’s impossible for us average humans to know either way really. But i find the concept of this whole thing extremely interesting.


Theres also another thing to consider here. Can there be an UN-intentional Illuminati? ie: ultra wealthy people who don’t intentionally get together to control or mess with the world, but by virtue of their sheer wealth and the amount of control they already have on the population, it just happens anyway? I’d tend to think that the latter is probably a more accurate summation of what the illuminati situation. The name itself was originally given to a secret Bavarian society that existed from 1770 to 1885 but appeared to have more noble goals. Over time the phrase taken on its own meaning.

Theres conspiracy theories that involve an ancient race of lizard people (reptillians) posing as humans to control the world, they control many of the worlds biggest pop acts like beyonce, Jay Z etc… but as much as I lap up these stories its hard to take in.

The fact is multinational companies exert a huge influence and control over individual humans in ways we don’t understand. Individual companies will have individual goals and things they want to see happen. Ie: Zuckerberg might have different goals to say, Elon Musk, so I couldn’t see these two working together any time soon. But between the two of them they both exert huge influence over our daily lives. Same with pharmaceutical companies, news outlets, tech giants like Apple and fast food giants. Take these things out of our lives and realistically we’d all be better off. Large banking firms control inflation and the flow of money, they can raise and drop the stock market on a whim. Oil companies have us at their mercy all the time. They have ways of sucking money out of our bank accounts through interest and fees and all this money goes up the chain to further cement the hold these people have on our lives.

I don’t think all these companies could or would work together. In fact, they’d all be in direct competition with each other. But regardless they still control our lives in very real but subtle ways without working together. But it’s scary to think what would happen if they could work together. The control these big players have on our lives, and wallets is scary enough as it is. Take the Epstien case, that was a huge organisation which seemed to involved a large amount of huge players. If all the big companies could get it together in the way Epstien did, we’d all be slaves from here to eternity.


I guess the only thing we can do is try to distribute our purchasing decisions and consumer spending to smaller, independent business where you can. After all we as consumers are just really working and earning money only to give it back to these huge business. Support a cafe, not McDonalds, buy some locally manufactured clothes, not Nike or maybe shop at an independent supermarket or market stall. That sort of thing.

This isn’t all I have to say about this thing, but its enough for now. I’ll further expand on whats going on in further articles.

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