Another thing that really burns me is the the apparent glee a lot of people take in the fact some wealthy people died in the submarine incident a few days ago. Look if we’re being honest, I love a dark meme as much as the next person but what perplexes me even more than this is the fact facebook has done nothing to censor this or impose their usual go to reaction of banning everyone for anything that can be vaguely considered offensive. Why is it funny some rich folk met their deaths? Is it less funny if they are black and get beaten by cops, or gay and get singled out? Why do we feel sympathy for one group and not another?

Why is it fair game to ban anyone who speaks out against covid? Or anyone that says anything that could remotely be considered violent? Lord help you if you make a joke about Jews or Transsexuals. But make a meme about five people meeting a horrible death at the bottom of the sea? That’s fine. Why Because they are wealthy? They are not from a sexual or racial minority?

I don’t know what the point of this rant was, maybe just for me to vent. Maybe just to point out once again how facebook picks the causes it wants to push or defend. It was probably a bit of both to be fair. Thanks for reading.

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