Ok, its been a few months since I started seriously on this side hustle mission to earn a little more from the internet to supplement my income. I’m hardly drowning in cash like the image above would suggest, but things have really improved for me in a big way with just a little extra income coming in. It’s not been easy but I’ve managed to find a few good ideas whilst wading through literal seas of crap and scams that litter the internet.

Heres how I’ve been going so far:
Surveys: Earning $30 – $50 per week: This is taking me roughly 3 hours per week (maybe a little more or less) at around $15 AUD per hour when you first start but a little more as you get quicker at doing these surveys. I’ve got three companies I’m doing the vast majority of surveys through. (Go back through the other side hustle articles to see which ones) . My earnings go up substantially if I manage to land a focus group session. Ie: One focus group session a month, can really boost your earnings. Let’s say I spend 9-10 hours a month doing surveys to pull in $180 ish, I can do a focus group for an hour –> hour and a half and get another $100 making it $280 per month with 13 hours effort. Bumping my average rate up to $20 – $25 p/h. Alas I have had not much luck landing the coveted focus groups of late but really the $40 a week to start with is really helping anyway, so can’t complain.

Think about it this way. If you generally make enough to live from your job, but you end the week broke, a bit of money to put into the tank or grocery bag really helps out, rather than putting any un-forseen expenditure on credit cards or racking up debt not only helps you out now, but saves you being in debt for the future.

**I should point out that this income is not taxed either, and many of these pay into Paypal so you can spend it through there and never have it hit your account. My local (major chain) grocery, and alcohol stores both take paypal payments on their website so I’ve been using the money there. The value of this side income virtually doubles when you factor in not having to pay tax on earnings, or drive to another location to work etc… (don’t tell anyone but I actually do some of these from work anyway). I aslo shop the specials online to get even better value out of this money.

TRADING: Earning $50 – $100 per week: now this is really helping me out in a big way. It’s hard to quantify how much time I’m spending on this as I’ve been diving right into it in a big way. This is something that if the pattern I’m trading on keeps working could really explode sometime in the future. This is of course risky but I can feel the payouts starting to build over the year I’ve been doing this.

I’m still looking for more opportunities to earn online. I’ve been trying more programs online. I don’t feel right about pushing ideas I’m personally not getting paid from on here, but there may well be more coming in the near future to update you guys with. Keep checking back on these articles (listed below). I can then replace the lesser earners or just earn more with the spare time I have. Either way this has gotten me through some hard times of late and I’m eternally grateful for these opportunities being out there.

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