OK, here’s a. few more side hustles for you guys and gals out there. Since the last article I’ve been busy running a few survey programs and have been averaging around $40-$50 per week (When I put the effort in) in additional income. Which is going to be very handy if/when interest rates peak in the coming months here in Australia. The best part about these is they are “off the radar” so you don’t get taxed on then. So even $50 per week coming in is really the equivalent of $80 per week coming in if I was to get taxed on it.

I’m willing to put a few hours a week into this and so far it seems to be paying off to some degree. Over all I feel like I’m working for around $15 – $20 an hour. If i get a focus group assignment it really bumps up from there. I’ve got a lot more programs I’ve signed up to as well so when I get a better idea of whats happening with them I’ll report back and start focusing in on the higher paying programs rather than the ones where I’m only really pulling in $5 an hour. So far it seems like the focus groups that are paying out the best and a couple of the survey companies are making reasonable back up income from that. I’d say overall Im still pulling around $50 a week from these surveys (Which I’m really happy and grateful for)

As with all things I guess its been a bit hit and miss. I have my back bone income with the focus groups which like I said in the last article is pulling upto $70 an hour. Lets say I make $120 for an hour and a half work I don’t mind putting in a few extra hours with the lower paying survey sites. As this does all add up. And let’s face it as you get better at the surveys you can get thru them faster as well so something that feels like $10 ph will soo work out to $15 per hour or more once you get the speed up. With that in mind here’s a few of the others I’ve been trying.

Anyway, Hope you’ve been enjoying the ideas I posted last time …. here’s a few more:


This is now where I make the majority of my online income. I’m regularly pulling in $100 per week in extra trading. I should say this does carry inherent risks and you should think really carefully before you start doing this. The most important thing is to invest only what you can afford to loose. I can pretty much guarantee that you will loose initially, as trading and making regular income is a skill that takes a while to master. One site where you can get some free trading funds to try out and see if it is for you is AAA TRADING this is an app which you can download and sign up for. They give you a bonus $50 to try out the platform and place a trade or two. Once I got identified i was given another $30 to trade with. This is an easy way to get your feet wet, so to speak. Try it out and if you like then consider whether you want to trade online. If initial phases of trading with the free $50 this stresses you out now, i can assure you, trading is not for you. Of course to progress you will need to put in some of your own money (I put in $100 USD) and get yourself Identified (Due to regulatory reasons). Then you’ll be able to withdraw some of your own money afterwards. I signed up to this app a while ago and they seem legit in the fact that I was able to withdraw my winnings and it showed up in my account soon after. IF you choose this route of making money be sure to watch some you tube videos on the subject and go in easy! The important thing is to come up with a system and stick to it, off a $100 USD invest ment you won’t make mega money but its definitely working for me!

Scan the following image to be redirected to the app and download from there


Octopus Group this is another survey site that seems to be paying out reasonably well by which i mean its paying out close to $15 an hour for the work you do. I have reached the payout level on this a couple of times and yep the money came through. I have to say this isn’t the best pay rate but at least they’re legit! So far this is the best of the next group of income opps I’ve seen.

PURE PROFILE So far this seems pretty cool and the surveys tend to pay around $12 – $15 an hour. I was a little hesitant to post this one up until they paid me and for some reason they stipulate it could take 30 working days for payments processed to get to your account (Which I think is pretty crappy). But it did come in and now at least I can say they’re honest and pay up. I’ll defs stick with these guys going forward

IPSOS ISAY probably not quite as good as the above two, again I haven’t done enough surveys to cash out on this just yet but the experience and pay rate are decent probs paying a bit above $10 per hour. They also have a mystery shopper program as well. I signed up for that but as yet haven’t been able to land any of the jobs, not a worry though as it doesn’t really pay that well for Mystery shopping. Bear in mind you have to actually go to a shop (which involves driving) and with petrol prices the way they are could be a fairly pointless activity. But again, I’m willing to give this a bit more of a chance.


TOLUNA This is a multi-country platform which allows Australian, American, English, German participants. Again it feels (from initial participation) that it pays around $10 an hour and pays out through gift cards or pay pal. I can’t give an honest recommendation on this one until i reach the pay out and see if they pay, and again if we’re being honest I don’t know if I could be fucked sticking it out to find out.

HUMANITI – This one I’ve signed up for is probably paying around $7 or so dollars an hour in Australian Terms. They have an option to double that rate by linking your bank account, so they can track your spending. I’m not comfortable with this in any way so I elected not to bother with that aspect of the program. They have a minimum of $20 needed to cash out which will take me a little while to reach, but i’ll keep you posted on that too.

Opinion World This one again is one of the lower paying survey sites where honestly i’d be struggling to make over $7 per hour. Again only worth it if you have a lot of dead time or really in need of cash. I don’t think i’ll be able to stick this one out to the payout period. But I’ll update this if i do.

ZAP SURVEYS – The worst so far at around $1 per hour :/ . Obviously there was no need to persue this.

Some closing advice

The other advice I would give anyone doing this is keep a spread sheet of the sites you’ve signed up to. So far I’m on at least 8 sites but realistically its more like 20 as I filter out the crap from the good ones. The key to doing this is speed. Some things you can do is use the same email and login for all sites so you’re not constantly resetting passwords and such(it might be worth even setting up a seperate email account to run these all through)

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