First up happy new year to everyone reading this. Hope you had a great christmas and you’re all ready to jump into another year!

The last article before this one I posted about the Covid being a bit of an equalizer for many people. Rampant inflation has whittled away a lot of wealth and levelled the playing field for a lot of people with rising wages etc. I still stand behind that statement / article. However here’s an interesting fact that to some degree turns that on its head. Apparantly the worlds 5 richest men have doubled their wealth between 2020 and now.

How did they do it? No idea really. But as a fan of the stock market there were plenty of times in the last few years when a person could have made a sweet 10-20% on a stock market plunge, and even more if you had the nerves to enter the crypto market. These were not punts either there were some very obvious opportunties (some of which I’ve taken advantage of).

This means that there are now a few individuals on this planet that are approaching TRILLIONAIRE status. As far as I’m aware this will be the first time in history we’ve had a trillionaire. I have no idea why someone should be able to hoard that much money when 2 thirds of the world lives in poverty. Yeah I’m ambitious, I’d someday hope to be a millionaire. But billionaire status? I guess if they actually paid their share of taxes I’d have no problem with it. But I can’t see that happening. Especially if they’ve made it in the digital realm or selling arms (or covid vaccines).

Who are these people? Basically, its Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Warren Buffet (Birkshire Hathaway), Elon Musk (Telsa, X). Bernard Arnualt (Louis Vitton) and Larry Ellison (Oracle… didn’t see that one coming).

For more information on this check out these links: THE AGE (Australia) and MSN

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