Since the onset of Covid inspired insanity has taken over the world, (I do appreciate that many have since calmed the fuck down) you’ve probably noticed sites like You Tube getting awfully controlling and “nazi-Like” on what they allow on their platform. To some extent I get where they’re coming from. You don’t want lunatics preaching to the other idiots that use their platform. What my problem was they’ve really gone and drawn a line in the sand withe the whole covid thing. They shut down one set of experts that don’t agree with the narrative and allow another set free reign.

How does Facebook and Youtube know they’re right? There are some highly qualified people speaking out on both sides of the vaccine debate. Either ban all talk on the subject or allow all talk on the subject. Added to this subjects like Trump, Russia V Ukraine and others where Youtube have obviously taken a side. But what happens to the equally qualified people who oppose the views of these people that have been kicked off You Tube?


That voice is sites like Rumble video Hosting and another site I like to use, who seem to be championing freedom of speech and not kicking content providers off for no valid reason. Another thing I really like about Mewe is that the “like” pages aren’t supressed if you don’t pay for advertising. You do however pay $1.99 per month to run a “like” page but I’d much rather do that than have a huge page on facebook that gets no traffic every time the ranking algorithms change. Last time I looked into the the minimum spend on any campaign on facebook is $25. I should also stress, Mewe is free to use if you just want to run a profile. They do have premium options but there doesn’t seem to be advertising on there as of yet either, so the experience is a lot more streamlined.

For your own sake, I urge you to sign up to Rumble Video Hosting and Mewe. They are standing up for free speech, who knows they might even show the internet juggernauts like You Tube and Facebook that it is not the sole arbiter on all subjects.

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