I originally wrote this article on side hustles for a different website, but that website will be discontinued shortly. I also feel the article is still relevant now (perhaps even more so) as it was when i wrote it earlier in the year.

Why are side hustles important? 2020 (like I said in the last post) has been a shitty year for many. One thing that got me through it was the fact that this country had a very generous government assistance. This assistance meant I could keep a roof over my head. Not much else but a roof at least.

The importance of having a ‘Side Hustle’ was rammed home to me this year. I have a knack for finding second hand goodies at second hand markets so I started selling off piles of old VHS tapes and a couple of guitars. I also drive a van so many people who had been relegated to working at home, found themselves with time to clean up their houses and get rid of stuff (which I was happy to do for a small fee). This and a couple of online rackets like designing websites and share trading I was running helped me earn another $200 a week which meant I could still exist at a reasonable level and have some fun on a fiscally conservative basis.

This is not huge money by any means. What it did mean was that I could exist as a functional adult in an environment were there were few jobs going. The ones that were being advertised were not going to help my situation in anyway really either. I would suggest anyone reading this have a think about what they could do to spin a few extra dollars if the shit hit the fan and they lost their jobs?


What can you do to spin a few extra dollars and start your own side hustle? Best thing I can say is think about your skills, talents, interests and hobbies and think about which one(s) of them can translate into a few extra dollars.


  • What are your skills? (gardening, labouring, home repairs , have a van or truck? Can design websites?)
  • What are your hobbies? (can tutor, give music lessons? Can you produce art or craft? Are you good at fixing / repairing stuff?)
  • How much liquid cash would it take to get those ideas going? (Most of those ideas not a lot). Could you realistically make anything out of those? (Some of those yes, some could even generate full time incomes)
  • Do you have any assets around the house you can liquidate? (old jewellery, instruments, collectables, cars etc…)
  • Are there websites you could sign onto to get some part time or occassional work (Like Uber, etc…)?
  • Like I said in the last article I don’t think the world is through the full effects of this pandemic. Either way there’s nothing saying another pandemic won’t cripple our economies in another couple of years anyway. Having a few side hustles I can draw upon really saved my ass.

    Here’s another LINK I found regarding Side Hustles. Defs worth a look! And believe me once you start your brain thinking about this stuff, the sky is the limit!

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