Here’s something interesting. We (as global citizens) were assured by our governments and the medical professionals that market these vaccines that they were safe. Now our Australian agency the Therapeutic Goods Administration (the equivalent of the American FDA) have declared the vaccines have “adverse side effects” and have withdrawn the drug from the Australian Market.

Wait! “Weren’t these vaccines supposed to be tested and safe?” I hear you ask. Well I can only speak for the Australian narrative that was told and our politician’s definitely told us the “Vaccine was tested“. However none of the companies themselves directly said it was properly tested. The companies themselves did state the vaccine was “Extensively data modelled“. Call me a skeptic but even from the outset I was asking people what Data modelling was and how it could really replace testing on living tissue. I was the conspiracy nut for asking. Obviously there is a difference between data modelling and testing if it passed the company’s data modelling process and couldn’t pass the criteria for a safe vaccine from the TGA.

Fake news you say? No, this was originally reported by the SBS news media. A news outlet funded by the Australian Government. The original decision was reported in 2023. I’ve included a snap shot of the website where right under the article appearing in the search results you see Astra Zeneka then saying they’ve withdrawn the vaccine globally because it wasn’t profitable in a crowded market place.

To be fair there was no practical way to test the effects of the drug before release as the virus did hit rather suddenly. But that’s why we need open communication on the process of drug manufacturing and more importantly, the choice to choose to take a drug or not choose to take a drug depending on our best choices and risk factors ourselves.

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