So my luck finally ran out and I contracted the Covid. The question on everybody’s mind is undoubtably “How bad was the Covid?”. I have to say not too bad at all. Hardly worth shutting down the world economy over. (Well to be fair it was mainly our country that shut down our own economy for no real reason). After outwardly battling the Covid hysteria that this country seems to be in the grips of I was actually pretty worried this was going to be bad.

At this point, mention that I haven’t taken a vaccine for Covid either. I have employed a strategy of taking vitamins regularly and starting to work on my fitness a little.


I had one night of really pounding headaches. (I’m actually not sure if this was the covid or an unrelated bug going around) That really sucked. With help from over the counter headache pills and a glass of wine, I fell asleep and sweated out something nasty. Next day I woke up feeling tired but other than that quite alright. I Took the RAT (Rapid Antigen Test) which confirmed my “Covid Postive” status. I then went to a walk in to take the PCR Test which is supposed to be more accurate. Anyway both said postive so I began my isolation for the required week.

After the first day I felt myself recover, almost like it was a 12 hour bug that came and went like they do every year. Aside from some minor tiredness (I have also been overworked / partying a little harder than I should be) and producing a little mucous, I’d say I’m pretty much fine. In fact after a week of forced isolation, I’m actually happier than I’ve been in a while. The break from people was great.

Anyway thats my account of getting the virus. I Don’t think I really got sick in any major way and in all honesty before the covid hysteria this wouldn’t have warranted a day off work (Except the headache day). However in our country we have to isolate for 7 days after a positive result. The great thing is the Govt also pays us to stay home. After I take out expenses of going to work (and equate the fact I would have had no work on Easter Friday anyway) I think I came out of this thing slightly better off financially. I also got some work done around the house!

Anyway keep checking back here for more cool articles from from time to time!

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