Over the last week or so, I’ve been seeing “bear and man” memes which state that woman is safer with a bear than a man. I feel for the women in our world and think no-one should be subjected to physical abuse especially male to female violence. I also do understand the reason behind it, I’m not a caveman. I’ve seen so many of these memes pop up in groups and pages I don’t even follow, that it made me wonder who’s been pushing this? I’ve seen the memes shared a couple of times from females on my friends list but I don’t really think its my female friends pushing this narrative, I believe its Facebook itself.

There seems to be a lot of narrative on facebook concerns the trans community, either those that have had gender reassignment surgery or those that “identify as female”. Narative saying they should be able to use the female toilets. If men are more dangerous than bears why would you let a male in a dress into your public bathrooms where your females and children are at their most vulnerable?

Let’s look at the real causes of violence against women. A huge part of it is either religiously based or culturally based. Or even the culture ingrained in at least one certain religion I can think of. This religion has almost 2 billion followers and has a long ingrained culture of treating women worse than cattle. But why can’t we blanket label them as a violent religion if we can blanket label all men as being worse than bears? Why would one of these behaviours lead to a shadow banning on facebook and the other one be perceived as alright?

There’s also China who for many years were aborting females, due to the fact that females are seen as a financial liability in that country. There was also a rule in China limiting families to one child, which if you had a female would set you back immensely in a financial sense. The problem is so bad that females are vastly out numbered by males and many males in that country will never marry or have a family due to the huge lack of females.

There’s other poorer countries where women are forced into prostitution. There’s genital mutilation, slavery lack of educational opportunities that all conspire to keep women chained to men.

In this country and I’d suspect similarly with the USA, there would be high levels of substance abuse if you looked into most cases of domestic violence. Ie: man has consumed too many drinks or drugs and looses the plot if the women does something he’s not happy and reacts violently.

Again I ask the question why is it alright to blanket blame men as violent but it’s not alright to blanket blame men if they belong to a group / religion or a behavioural demographic? Why does social media (facebook in particular) feel that some people are protected species and others can be used as the root of all human kinds problems? Why does facebook feel the need to mess with social dynamics or change the feelings or info that is out there? Just something to think about. By talking about this stuff frankly we can open up the discussions identify the types of behaviour that lead to violence against women and hopefully save a few women from the effects of this violence.

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