Has anyone noticed the lack of ATMs / CASH MACHINES around the place?

You know what I mean, those machines that you put the cards in, and they give you money. I’m not sure how it is in your country but this is my weekly ritual. I get paid. I go to the hole in the wall and take out my ‘spending money’ for the week. The rest goes to my bills, mortgage etc… And YES MOM! I’m putting some of it aside!


Show me the Money! I like cash money. I like seeing it in my wallet. Cash is more tactile to the touch. I use it to budget. When I look in my wallet and I see my cash running low I know to stop spending money until next pay day. It’s my way of budgeting, it may not be the best but it’s how I do it. If I keep tapping cards without seeing money coming out it doesn’t feel real. I loose track of how much money I’ve used.


Anyway, so why take away the machines? We all need them. Are they trying to push us to other banks? Probably not as it seems all the banks are doing it. I get it that machines cost money and time to run but they are heaps cheaper than the bank staff that it would take to replace them. Someone said to me but you can get cash out at a supermarket. YES, yes I can. But I also have to find a park, walk into that mall, make a purchase or line up at the counter and withdraw money, then get back to my car. It seems a lot of work to go to for something that should just be a a quick stop and go transaction.

Is it a plot to to get an inside lane knowledge on where we are spending our money? This is actually something that really worries me. With banking every transaction recorded, so too is a large portion of your movements and spending habits. Ever done a job for cash? Like mowed a lawn or something? Those little bits of cash income are going to be harder and harder to get because less people are keeping cash around the place. That means you have to declare it. Essentially if it shows up on your records the ‘man’ knows about it. Also means if you’re running a business you’ll have to go “legit” with insurance and the rest of it, all because you wanted to earn a little extra money.


What do you do in the event of a bank going offline? This happens a fair bit, but if you have no cash how do you pay for the meal out you just ate? The petrol you put in your car? The weed or beers that no-one really needs to know you’re buying?

Now more than ever I think its important to have cash on you. Make a point of complaining to your financial institution if they are doing this to you. I dread the idea of moving towards a ‘cashless society’. I think having cash that is not recorded and noted down is a really essential part of life. What do you think? Show me the Money

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