I’ll start this article by publicly saying I have no problems with transgendered people. I don’t really have problems with any sort of people. I do have problems with ideaologies though. Just because I think you’re a nice person doesn’t mean I have to agree with you or your beliefs. There seems to be a growing number of parents encouraging transgenderism in young kids. I have a huge problem with this.

Growing up as a child I know a few girls that growing up that were more like “tomboys” than girls. That’s cool. You do you. They do them. Many of those girls grew up to be very archetypal woman. If they’d had their pre adult choices forced upon them I can say most of these girls would have regretted it. Same with boys. I can accept that there might be a few souls who are born in the wrong body and if they as adults feel the need to alter their bodies so be it.

So who’s pushing the idea that its alright to start gender re-assignment as a child? Well usually with most things I talk about here, if you don’t know, follow the trail of money. Who stands to make the most of out transgender-ing?

That’s right, our old mates, The medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Why? Because transgender-ing surgery is expensive. This helps keep the medical industry in business. Transgender-ing surgery starts at around $20k and goes up well past $100k depending on what you want/need done. Google this and you’ll find lots of articles on it. HERE’s an Australian article on the subject.

Then you’ve done the surgery. You have to keep taking hormones. Basically for the rest of your life. Statistically speaking their lives won’t be as lengthy as a cis persons life. HERE’s one of many articles on that here. If you don’t take the hormones you can start reverting back to your original sex but of course remember you’ve had bits cut off. So going back to the way you were is not virtually impossible. So nobody wants that, they keep taking the hormones. What does a lifetime of taking hormones that from a biological point of view do to ones body? My guess is it isn’t good. It’s new territory though. Trans have been around since at least the 80’s and for the older ones, the life expectancy stats do not look good. Not by any stretch. Does it cause cancer? Other as yet unidentified problems? Use some common sense here, if you’re going to put hormones in your body that aren’t supposed to be there, it’s not going to be good for you. If you do it for an extended period of time, say 30 years, it will definitely not be good for you.

So when you see someone encouraging a person that is not of legal age to undergo gender reassignment surgery are they doing the best thing by that person or simply condemning them to:

  • An expensive surgery, which quite simply most people can’t afford.
  • A life time of poverty paying off that surgery if they don’t have lucrative employment.
  • A life time of spending even more money being dependent on pharmaceutical treatments to maintain that decision
  • Even more severe mental issues resulting from the conflicting hormones in their bodies
  • A lifetime of ill health from the conflicting hormones in their bodies
  • A drastically shortened lifespan?

I always urge tolerance of other people. You don’t know what they are going through. And hey, most people are cool anyway. But this doesn’t mean you have to accept an agenda that primarily benefits the medical practitioners and pharma companies that will be making those poor souls their butt-puppets for the rest of their natural days.

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