I am a collector.

I collect CDs (I have well over 1000), I collect DVDs (I’d guess around 2000), VHS tapes (700 or so, though I’m trying to cull some of these and transfer them to disc) and of course good old fashioned Vinyl (only 200-300). As far as my house goes, I like the feeling of having all this stuff around me. If you were to visit me at my house, it looks like a good will store with so many collectables hanging around the place. Others may think it makes my place look cluttered but I have always been this way. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Lying on the couch looking at the blown up artwork on a record whist the music plays in all its analogue glory is my idea of heaven. The liner notes really intrigue me. I Love to read the back descriptions of the movies I have, the lyrics in a CD. I feel this gives me a better insight into the movie / music than simply just streaming it. I feel the experience is more immersive and inclusive when you have the artwork / lyrics and extra features that come with buying the physical product.

I have spent tens of thousand buying this stuff up. Countless hours went into searching through second hand stores, goodwill stores and trawling the internet to get this stuff. I’m proud of this collection. Some may think of it as a waste of money. We all waste money on some shit right? Could be designer clothes, smoking, alcohol drugs, gambling, dining out or whatever, this is where I choose my disposable income should go. One thing I have found, especially with the tightening of YouTube copyright (which I do agree with) and Netflix only showing a very finite selection of movies, I feel like I have a virtually endless supply of movies and music in comparison. Added to this I don’t pay fees for hardwired internet (this saves me around $90 per month) and the subscription fees on top of that I’m actually saving a fair amount of money every month.

Added to this Netflix and Youtube tell you what you should and shouldn’t be watching to some degree. Not as obviously as Facebook but they they do it. I have a lot of material in my collection which just wouldn’t fly on youtube or Netflix as well. Take for example the “horror” section on Netflix with a mere 20-30 movies on the Australian Selection. I have over 1000 Horror movies to choose from all within a few steps reach.

When I have a trip down memory lane I find movies that are 50+ years old. One thing I also find interesting is the changes in social norms. Watch a movie like “Dirty Harry”, “Revenge of the Nerds” and more and you’ll see exactly what I mean. The movies like this that you won’t see on Netflix or Youtube also serve as an important historical records of attitudes and entertainment at the time.

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