I’m a big fan of the band Manowar and Joey De Maio from Manowar. I find the music to be quite inspirational as well as rockin’ as all hell. Maybe Joey and the guys have a bit of time on their hands with the lock down but Joey has started a blog called “Words of Power”.

I get that people who’ve seen the old Manowar vids can find Joey DeMaio a bit of a tool (and hey, he might be) but he is a very strong character and person. He’s also a very skilled bass player (Just check out some of his bass work). That doesn’t happen by accident. Joey has worked hard over many years to get Manowar to the level it got to. Like many he also came up against some hard times and he’s come out on top. Anyway here’s a cool interview with Joey interviewing his band mate Eric Adams about the start of his musical career. I knew the guys had been around a long time but in this blog Eric reveals he started playing professionally when he was nine years old! Joey puts it in perspective when he mentions that that was even before anyone had heard of the Beatles! What a head trip. Anyway have a listen and hopefully you guys enjoy it!

Anyway enough of that, Check out Joey De maio from Manowar podcast here or just go to

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