I’ve been asked a few times why I don’t have faith that this vaccine Is the way to move forward. Here are some reasons:

Where did the virus come from?

The virus was first discovered in a Chinese Lab. The vaccine was built on the analysis from that lab. So basically right from the start you are relying on data from the people that were too inept to contain the virus in the first place. They also had absolutely no problems in lying and supressing information about the virus to save face from the rest of the world. Why does nobody question the honesty / accuracy of the information coming out of the lab when we have absolutley no reason to believe anything they say?

There’s no money in healthy people

Put simply, there’s no money in healthy people. Much of modern medicine is geared around fixing symptoms of the problem but not the actual problem. People are happy to see an improvement and as a result if they can afford it they’ll keep buying the product. If you solve the root cause of the patients problem they have no reason to come back. A sick customer is a repeat customer.

Why would they Lie to you?

Lets next look at modern medicine. Why would they lie to you? Maybe they are not Lying but just misinformed. Science and medicine are constantly evolving fields. Advice that was once considered solid may not always be considered best practice now. In the past we’ve been told cigarettes were good for us, but later on down the track, Tobacco companies KNEW cigarettes were bad for us but had no problems in marketing an addictive drug to the public and at the same time stonewalling any legal challenges to their product. Insurance companies sell us products we don’t need. Banks sell us products that only serve to bury us in a financial sense. Asbestos is another example of that, same with Thalidomide. I could go on further, but the point is big companies do lie and there are plenty of examples to prove that.

Next, lets look at the vaccine manufacturers. Phfizer have been criminally sued and lost more money than any other company on the planet. Astra Zeneca aren’t far behind. You’re essentially taking health advice from companies have have no problems with bribery and lying to congress.

I’ve shown an image from a simple google search which can further illustrate how often these companies have lied to governments of the world (and thereby the people) this took me all of 2 seconds to find. Please do your own research and try to gain and understanding on how these companies work. Not just big pharma but finance, energy any number of industries. You will find they may not be expressly trying to kill you, but rest assurred not every company has YOUR best interests at heart.

Is the Vaccine Safe?

Is the Vaccine safe or not? This is the Million dollar question. Bear in mind we’ve only had short term results come back off the vaccine. There is still the long term effects to consider which we won’t see without the passing of a lot of time. We’ve had reports of it causing blood clots. No governments are even trying to claim it stops you from getting the virus. At first, we were told it was safe and stopped you from getting the virus when it first came out. Now it only causes rare instances of blood clots and can’t Stop you from catching the virus but only lessens the effects.

What happens if you’re one of the unlucky few that fall ill / become incapacitated or die because of the vaccine. Well Phfizer and Astra Zeneca have marketed to the governments of the world without any assumed liability as well. Meaning they are not responsible for any ill effects of the vaccine.

How far will this go?

The best part is that now its coming out that there could be third shots recommended or necessary to be labelled ‘fully vaccinated’. The cynic in me now is starting to see the subscription like service that the Vaccine companies are now starting to implement. How long will we be sending money up the chain to be considered ‘vaccinated’ as there are now 41 strains of the Corona Virus. Do we have to vaccinate against all? Just a few? Where does this end? Again without sounding like a cynic, the longer this goes on the more money pharmaceutical companies stand to make.

Make your choice

Anyway I’m not your doctor, and unless you’re that one kid, I’m also not your dad. I don’t tell you what to do. But I do encourage you to do your own research ask as many people as you can and take into account all the facts and the motives behind what is going on with this whole issue. Also feel free to take this stuff to a doctor and run it by them. I’m not so precious that if someone tells you this advice is shit that I will cry. YOu need to do what YOU need to do.

Also you need to take into account your own circumstances. I’m lucky enough to be in good health, and I don’t work around many people. I’m probably at a very low level risk profile and feel that this is the best choice for me.

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