So what is all this conflict about you ask?

Well you’re not alone in asking that. Over the last couple months Russia under Putins Command have been ammassing troops at the Russian / Ukrainian border, and on the 24th Feb 2022 Putin declared a “Military Action” was under way. This was rather than being an operation is was a flat out attack on Ukraine. In short it’s a War.

Previous to this Ukraine was part of the USSR until it declared itself an independent country in 1991.

In 2014 Russia took the Crimean Peninsula from the Ukraine – this is a key trade route. You have to imagine any other way out of russia is basically sealed off by ice to the north or impractically long to travel out through Scandinavia. In short, this is a far more cost effective and efficient way to get goods out of or into Russia

Yesterday after months of saying he wouldn’t invave the Ukraine, Putin went ahead and launched an attack on the country. Taking out firstly military infrastructure and airports and then sending in troops. Putin has made various claims that Russia cannot feel safe with the political or social climate in Ukraine (he’s mentioned Ukrainian Nazi-ism as a reason) at the moment but these would appear to all be unfounded.

The areas that Russia have attacked are on the border between Russia and Ukraine, closest to Russia. Other than just being geographically closest to Russia this one of the states borders on the Black Sea, Which in turn allows them access to the Crimean Peninsula (referred to above) which is an easy way to move goods / troops / resources in and out of Russia. So essentially its an easy trade route as it would be much harder getting out of russia through the north.

The other point worth making is that the Ukraine is rather rich in agricultural land and resources (including uranium) which might also be a consideration for Russia as well.

So its fair to assume the above reasons have a fair bit to do with why Russia has gone in there.

There’s probably a certain level of Putin wanting to claim back old Russian Territory for the glory of the empire or whatever but as far as a priority goes I’d doubt this is at the top of the list. The parts they have attacked will be advantageous to take control over more for trade and military reasons.

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