What is the Antisocial Network I hear you ask?

First up, welcome to the antisocial network we’re chuffed to have you here. Originally I made this site a while ago to show off my web skills in regards to making a social media site of my own. It worked. Then it got bombed by spambots and I couldn’t be bothered maintaining it so now we have a blog instead.

We aim to put out information thats a bit left of centre, thats designed to make you think. Certain parts of society have too much power over the way we think, act and live. They control our thoughts and virtually everything we do. Yet people are not aware of this.

You don’t have to take everything I say on here as gospel, but I would hope that you at least read it with an open mind and make your own decision. After all thats why the good lord gave you a brain!

I have a few people who did sign on to use this site so if you want back in i’ll set something else up and we can have our own little club so to speak but i’ll worry about that later on.

keep checking back on the https://theantisocial.network for more cool stories and awesome shit.

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