Put simply, Drugless Functional Medicine revolves around the idea that most human conditions (ailments)can be fixed without the use of pharmaceutical drugs. Nature gives us enough that if utilised will fix humans of most diseases or conditions. This is not a new school of thought, bur rather something centuries older than modern medicine. Perhaps you may view it was a return to the “old school” that combined with modern analytical technology (Blood tests etc…) can be seen to be find a deeper truth.

Its at this point I should also be honest and say I run the website for the what could be the worlds leading proponent of Drugless Functional Medicine. That might make me a little biased, but it also gives me a unique perspective on what is still an unfolding field in modern medicine.


DEPRESSION – I’m going to use the idea of depression to illustrate a point here. We could sit here all day and list a myriad of problems that affect many of us a world over but let’s look at this one.

Depression is a problem that affects many people on this planet. But what causes depression? Is lack of medication the cause of depression? Or is it our shitty jobs? Shitty Relationships? Lack of money? Our nutritional or physical exercise / mobility shortcomings. Maybe even spiritual shortcomings? Our outlook on life? Have we got addictions? Bad habits? Negative traits? Poor diet? Some outside problem we can’t help? Maybe it’s a yes to one or more of those things? Maybe more than one? It could be any of those, it could be some of those or most of those. Now here’s the key question. Does lack of medication cause depression? NOPE. Of course not.

Generally speaking in the modern world, we go to a doctor and get a prescription. Sounds cool enough but what does that medication do? For a problem like depression, the pharmaceutical solution either artificially lights up the happiness receptors in our brains or dulls the pains receptors in our brains and nerves so we can’t feel whats really going on. But does it actually fix the problem? Does it create more problems further down the track? It does however allow us to keep on keeping on which is something (it’s not a solution but it’s something).

Then we wake up the next morning. The shit job is still there. So is the shit relationship. Or the lack of money. You haven’t actually fixed the problem you’ve dulled your reactions to the problems around you. Your body builds up a tolerance to the drugs you’ve been prescribed. What happens now? Do you up the dose? What does this do to you Mentally? Physically? What does it do to your wallet? Does it turn you into an addict? Ruin your sex drive? Does it hyper inflate your appetite? Are you prepared to sacrifice your mental and physical well being for a temporary solution?

Unfortunately fixing the problem would require more work and a deeper analysis of whats going on. Job sucks? Get a better one (this may mean you may need to go back to study more), relationship sucks? Do some work to fix it (it might mean you need to get out of the relationship you’re in)! These aren’t easy decisions. They WILL require work and some level of personal hurt. To fix these problems you need to analyse whats really going on and get to the root of the problem and fix it. This requires honesty with yourself and your health practitioner. More importantly it requires a commitment to fixing the issues.

Drugless Functional Medicine takes this approach. It looks at the root cause of a problem and first tries to fix it by attacking the problem. Not by prescribing drugs to mask it. What if your addiction issues are really a vitamin deficiency? Your depression could be contributed to by both environmental issues around you or again nutritional issues. What if you solved these problems before you got on anti-depressants? You may find your problems are halved by consuming good wholesome food, a proper intake of nutrients and not letting shit around you get you down. Imagine if your depression disappeared or even became manageable without reliance on pharmacuetical drugs? The best solutions are not always easy to find, but they are worth it when you find them.

Drugless functional Medicine does not offer an easy fix. Unfortunately it will probably be more work than taking an easy pharama fix. It might also cost you more up front. But you will be trained to address the problems you’re facing and look to fixing it rather than simply masking the problem. One the positive side, it could well work out far cheaper in the long term and be much better for your body, your soul and your mental well being.

Choice is YOURS.

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